“Working with Dave is an absolute joy! His attention to feel and detail is so beautifully natural, and when required he’s brimming with ideas to get you to the magic. So many colours to this chap’s pallet. Always a pleasure and an honour.”

Chris Helme

“This studio has taken huge leaps forward since I first started using it many years ago. 2 of my bands have used it to great success recently, with one of the single releases receiving comments for the production quality by a leading radio station DJ. A massive thanks has to go to Dave B for his hard work and the knowledge he has pass on to both bands.”

Alpha Band Management

“Top quality gear, lots of analogue outboard stuff, great choice of mics. Most importantly, Dave the sound engineer who knows how to get the best out of the band. The final product just blew us away. £250 per day for tracking worth every penny.”

Phil A (Supermoon)

“Excellent studio and staff with fantastic pedigree. Everything I’ve either recorded myself or have heard come out of this place has been excellent. Dave’s fantastic at getting the best out of you and always providing awesome input and ideas as how to make the songs really shine. Great selection of gear and insanely well priced. Couldn’t recommend this place more.”

Pete H (Flatcap Carnival)